It’s a painstaking process of finding former classmates, but we’re making some progress, and removing some of the name of our fellow classmates.  However, we still have a long long way to go, as you can see by the names remaining.   We’re also going through our current list and making sure that everything is up to date.  So you may find that some names have also been added to our list of missing.  If you know anyone on the list please have them contact us so that we can remove them from the list of the MISSING, and include them on our e-mail list, or if they’re on FaceBook have them join one of the Ramsey groups.

   Since we are no longer sending out mailings by US mail we ask that you provide us with an email address that we can add to our mailing list or please join us on Facebook by joining one of our class pages.  Again those can be found by searching Alexander Ramsey class of 79 in Facebook groups. 

  If you know anyone on the list who may have unfortunteley and sadly  passed away please let us know so that we can add those classmates to the memorial page.

   Thank you and have a great day.

Come Join the Herd - Missing Classmates

Updated 03/15/2021


Debra Allen, Kristine Anderson, Mats Anderson, Sandra Armburst, Greg Armstrong, Clemens Aulich


Christie Bahnemann, Pam Baker, Raymond Baker, Kathia Balcazar, Marcia Barritt, Jeanne Barron, Dawn Baxter, Carol Beck, Bill Bennett, Greg Berg, Ursula Bieniek, Sharon Bohl, Steve Boldt, Carol Boyd, David Brandsness, Susan Bruhn, Greg Buchal, Dave Buesing, Amy Buettmeier, Allan Buxton


Joseph Cardillo, Mary Ellen Carlson, Kay Cashman, Dave Christofore, Doug Crocker 


Don Dagostino, George Deflorin, John Deters, Darryl Dobesh, Mike Dorsch, Don Drews,Dan Dunleavy


Sue Elbers, Brent Elert, Janice Ellmann, Mark Enfield, Lucinda Erich, Randy Erickson,  Diane Ettle


Roger Fairbanks, Rick Feidt, Pete Fisher, Kent Forbord, Scott Freyberger, Doug Frough, Marty Fuerst


Kim Gaul, Steve Gelking, Chris George, Roger German, Carl Gimm, Jim Gloeb, Dave Goff, Rich Goodrich, Rich Gorman, Gaye Gravel, Monty Grayden, Chris Green, Tim Groh, Ann Guidarelli, Doug Gulbranson, Patricia Phumzile Gumede, Ken Gunderson, Ann Gustafson


Kelly Hagen, Kris Hage, Jeff Hagermann, Joel Halvorsen, Christine Haselman, Tom Hassel, Sue Healy, Steve Heinz, Jeanine Herbst, Elizabeth Hinrichs, Jeraldine Hoffman, Mary Hoffman, Jim Hofmeister, Derek Hogankamp, Steve Horn, Mary Huberty, Mike Huebsh 


David isaac,


Mark James, Mari Janos, Jay Jarvinen, Kari Jaschob, Carole Jentzen, David Johansen, Diane Johnson, Rebecca Jokimaki, Sue Jungbauer


Mark Kareden, Bob Kath, Diane Kaulfuss, John Joseph (J.J.) Kelly, Rebecca Kennedy, Karilyn Kernik, Carol Ketterling, John Klapperich, John Klein, Randy Knops, Dave Knudtson, Pam Koester, Barb Kohler, Mark Kosanke, Elizabeth Koski, Kathleen Kranz, Gary Kroll, John Krueger, Nancy Kruger, Jeanne Kydd


Jeff Lane, Jerome LaVanier, Larry Lee, Terry Lee, Helen Leung, Par Lindhe, Cynthia Lobe, Dan Lorence


Mary Machacek, Rick Mark, Paul Mathe, Kim Matthews, Rochelle May, Pat McCoy, Ann McGuire, Kim McGuire, Sandra McLeod, John Mead, John Merrill, Jerome Meyer, Cathryn Michon, Brian Miles, Brad Moe, Noel Monardes, Muhtashan Shahid Mondal, Shaun Moore, Steve Moore, Nancy Mowlem


Bruce Nelson, Mike Nemmers, Eric Netteberg, Sue Nicolai, James Nordgaard


Deborah Olson, Greg Olson, Karin Olson, Eva Ortengren, Jan Osgood, Tom Otto, Doug Ouimet, Mark Overgaard


Nancy Poulus, Dan Pearson, Jeff Pederson, Dan Person, Richard Peterson, Shelton Peterson, Lynn Phillips, Kathleen Pipes, John Plaschko, Wendy Portermain, Will Prouty, Carol Putz


Bill Quayle


James Rauschnot, Raymond Rhode, Mona Rice, Jeanne Rich, Joleen Riendeau, Brian Ritche, Denise Roach, Molly Robb, Catherine Rod, Liz Rog, Sandy Rohr, Bob Rust


Kyle Sandholm, Mary Sands, Dave Sauter, Carrie Saylor, Barb Sazevich, Paul Schaffhausen, Ken Schmid, Lori Schneiderhan, Steve Schreiner, Mike Schwartz, Lori Schwartzbauer, Tim Sether, Peggy Shearen, Cindy Shibrowski, Christine Smith, George Spanovich, Scott Spencer, Bill Stahley, Beth Stecklein, Julie Strommer


Dan Teeter, Vicky Thalhuber, Becky Thatcher, Holly Theis, Jacqueline Thom, Jeanne Thomas, Dan Thompson, Rick Thorp, Sue Torgeson, John Tracy, Frank Tschida, Jon Tucker


Kathleen Ulbricht


Debra Van Heel, Gordon Vincent, Jean Vossberg


Ann Wagner, Jeff Walcheski, Theodore Wald, Lynn Wamstad, Laurie Wandtke, Mike (Micky) Ward, Ron Webber, Lisa Wedeking, Al Weleczki, Jo Anne Welsch, Darla Whipple, Tom Whittles, Mike Williams, Kim Wilson, Tracy Woodward, Brian Wurzer

X – Y – Z

Tim Yapel,

Mike Zehms, Bruce Zeilinger

The committee is working hard to keep this list up to date and accurate. Please help us locate our missing Rams so that we can keep them updated as to future events that we have planned.

2 thoughts on “Missing

    1. Loren, Thank you for providing the contact information for Phil, Pat and Jack. That was very thoughtful of you, and for us on the reunion committee we are very grateful. I’ll remove there names from the missing page and add them to our contact list. Thanks again and I hope that 2023 has been very good to you and your family. – Randy Reed

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