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Class picnic

September 18th.  For details check out the Events Page.

August 3, 2021

        Good afternoon & happy Friday Rams,

   How’s everything going?   Hopefully you and your families are enjoying these last couple weeks of the summer of 2021, and it’s been a fun, enjoyable and most importantly a safe start to September. I also hope that you all have a terrific month ahead.

   So, have you put good use to these days of summer?  Did you take a family vacation, read a great book, do something to inspire yourself, learn a new skill? What brought you pleasure and happiness during the summer of 2021?  We’d love to hear. 

   As always, our most pressing goal is to locate many of our classmates who are missing.  With your help, we are doing a great job at finding many of our classmates, and removing there names from the list.  This is a daunting goal for us, and we continue to need your help.   So, if you’re in contact with anyone from the list, please have them contact us so we may add them to our class email list or (if they’re on Facebook) we can invite them to join our class page on Facebook .  We also have a Page on Twitter as well as on Instagram.  Both can be found by looking up Alexander Ramsey 79.  Although we know it’s not possible, we’d love to eliminate every missing name on that list.

   We’ve heard from many of our classmates that they’ve lost class yearbooks, and would enjoy an opportunity to see them once again, so another goal would be to add our Sophomore, and Junior year Yearbooks to the site.  Not to mention freshening up the photos from our senior yearbook

   If you have any suggestions of what you’d like to see added to the site, please feel free to send me your ideas, and we’ll see what we can do.

   Have a wonderful month and may 2021 continue to bring you all many day of happiness.

   Please take a look at the Events/Birthday/Memorial pages, Missing Classmates, Events and Donations pages as updates to all have been made. We hope that you’ll continue to visit the website or our Facebook pages for up to date news .  So from Mary Koppy Nicklay, Sheila Johnson Youngquist, Mary Falkowski Conway, Nancy Schmaedeke Petrun, Bob Kaye, Julie Kruse Ledvina, Nancy Olsen Reed and myself, Randy Reed, stay in touch, and have a great day, Rams.
   If you’d like to contribute, join or contact us at the reunion committee feel free to text Randy Reed at 651-238-6785 or at email Ramsey79reunion@comcast.net, or Sheila Johnson Youngquist at jsyq@frontiernet.net.


Disco music was still king of the hill.  However, pop, country, and good ole rock-n-roll was still making a strong presence in the 70’s music culture.  There was also the beginning of something that would become what would become knows as glam heavy metal, or the hair band.  Whatever music you preferred, there  was plenty to go around to suite all styles.

On a personal note, during our senior year, I remember a discussion that I had with Mike Donahue concerning the band Kiss.  At the time I was a HUGE country rock fan, and told him how I’d never pay money to watch a band like Kiss who’s music (in my opinion and at the time I thought) was aweful and depended on theatrics way too much, instead of playing just good music.  Well, five years later, and still today.  I’ve been to 4 Kiss concerts, and to this day they are still a favorite of mine.  With the number 13 song “I Was Made for Lovin’ You” becoming one of my favorite songs, from one of my former least favorite bands ever.

1   MY SHARONA –•– The Knack

2   GOOD TIMES –•– Chic

3   THE MAIN EVENT / FIGHT –•– Barbra Streisand

4   AFTER THE LOVE HAS GONE –•– Earth, Wind and Fire

5   DON’T BRING ME DOWN –•– The Electric Light Orchestra

6   THE DEVIL WENT DOWN TO GEORGIA –•– The Charlie Daniels Band

7   LEAD ME ON –•– Maxine Nightingale

8   SAD EYES –•– Robert John

9   MAMA CAN’T BUY YOU LOVE –•– Elton John

10  I’LL NEVER LOVE THIS WAY AGAIN –•– Dionne Warwick

11  BAD GIRLS –•– Donna Summer

12  LONESOME LOSER –•– The Little River Band

13  SUSPICIONS –•– Eddie Rabbitt

14  SAIL ON –•– The Commodores

15  LET’S GO –•– The Cars

16  GOODBYE STRANGER –•– Supertramp



19  RISE –•– Herb Alpert

20  HEAVEN MUST HAVE SENT YOU –•– Bonnie Pointer

21  BAD CASE OF LOVING YOU (Doctor, Doctor) –•– Robert Palmer

22  DRIVER’S SEAT –•– Sniff ‘n’ the Tears

23  I DO LOVE YOU –•– G.Q.

24  MORNING DANCE –•– Spyro Gyra

25  BORN TO BE ALIVE –•– Patrick Hernandez

26  HIGHWAY SONG –•– Blackfoot

27  CRUEL TO BE KIND –•– Nick Lowe

28  DIFFERENT WORLDS –•– Maureen McGovern

29  RING MY BELL –•– Anita Ward

30  OH WELL –•– The Rockets

31  POP MUZIK –•– M

32  THE BOSS –•– Diana Ross

33  LOVIN’, TOUCHIN’, SQUEEZIN’ –•– Journey

34  YOU CAN’T CHANGE THAT –•– Raydio

35  DON’T STOP ‘TIL YOU GET ENOUGH –•– Michael Jackson

36  WHAT CHA GONNA DO WITH MY LOVIN’ –•– Stephanie Mills

37  GIRL OF MY DREAMS –•– Bram Tchaikovsky

38  SATURDAYNIGHT –•– Herman Brood

39  HOLD ON –•– Triumph

40  YOUNG BLOOD –•– Rickie Lee Jones

Do you have a favorite memorable song from the list.  One that brings back memories.  Let us know by submitting your comments.

Inspiring Quotes

We know what we are, but know not what way may be. – William Shakespeare

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