April 1, 2024

Dear Class of 1979,

   As April dawns upon us, let it serve as a gentle reminder of the beauty of new beginnings and the endless possibilities that lie ahead. Just as the world awakens from its winter slumber, so too do our spirits rise with the promise of fresh starts and renewed purpose. Let us embrace this month with open hearts and minds, ready to embark on new adventures and chase after our dreams with passion and determination.

   Reflecting on the journey we’ve traveled since our days at Alexander Ramsey High School, we are reminded of the resilience and strength that have carried us through life’s ups and downs. Each challenge we’ve faced has only served to make us stronger, more compassionate, and more resilient individuals. As we come together once again, let us celebrate not only our past achievements but also the unwavering spirit of unity and camaraderie that has defined our class throughout the years.

   In the spirit of April, let us also take the time to nurture our connections with one another, reaching out to old friends and classmates to share stories, laughter, and words of encouragement. For it is through these connections that we find strength, support, and a sense of belonging that transcends time and distance. As we move forward into the unknown, let us do so with the knowledge that we are never alone, and that the bonds forged in our youth are as unbreakable as they are enduring.

   So, as April unfolds before us, let us embrace the opportunities it presents with open arms and open hearts. Let us continue to inspire one another, lift each other up, and celebrate the incredible journey we’ve shared as the Class of 1979.


   As always, we continue our quest in trying to locate as many of our missing classmates as possible.  With your continued help, and support we are doing a great job at finding many of our classmates, and removing their names from the list.  As you may imagine this is a daunting goal for us, and we continue to need your help.   So, if you’re in contact with anyone from the list, please have them contact us so we may add them to our class email list or (if they’re on Facebook) we can invite them to join our class page on Facebook .  We also have a Page on Twitter as well as on Instagram.  Both can be found by looking up Alexander Ramsey 79.  Although we know it’s not possible, we’d love to eliminate every missing name on that list.

      Again, to make this the successful, informative and most importantly enjoyable website possible it needs your help and participation. If you have any suggestions of what you’d like to see added to the site, please feel free to send me your ideas, and we’ll see what we can do.

   Please take a look at the Events/Birthday/Memorial pages, Missing Classmates, Events and Donations pages as updates to all have been made. We hope that you’ll continue to visit the website or our Facebook pages for up to date news .  So from Mary Koppy Nicklay, Sheila Johnson Youngquist, Mary Falkowski Conway, Bob Kaye, Don Sazma, Nancy Olsen Reed and myself, stay in touch, and have a great day, Rams.
   If you’d like to contribute, join or contact the reunion committee feel free to text Randy Reed at 651-238-6785 or at email [email protected].

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